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File Class Reference

#include <File.h>

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Detailed Description

File interface. Provides access to information about a file.

Jason Rohrer

Definition at line 112 of file File.h.

Public Member Functions

void copy (File *inDestination, long inBlockSize=5000)
Filecopy ()
char exists ()
 File (Path *inPath, char *inName, int inNameLength=-1)
FilegetChildFile (char *inChildFileName)
File ** getChildFiles (int *outNumFiles)
File ** getChildFilesRecursive (int inDepthLimit, int *outNumFiles)
char * getFileName (int *outLength=NULL)
char * getFullFileName (int *outLength=NULL)
long getLength ()
unsigned long getModificationTime ()
FilegetParentDirectory ()
char isDirectory ()
char makeDirectory ()
char * readFileContents ()
char remove ()
char writeToFile (char *inString)

Private Member Functions

void getChildFilesRecursive (int inDepthLimit, SimpleVector< File * > *inResultVector)

Private Attributes

char * mName
int mNameLength

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