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FileLog Class Reference

#include <FileLog.h>

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PrintLog Log

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Detailed Description

A file-based implementation of the Log interface.

Jason Rohrer

Definition at line 31 of file FileLog.h.

Public Member Functions

 FileLog (char *inFileName, unsigned long inSecondsBetweenBackups=3600)
virtual int getLoggingLevel ()
virtual void logString (char *inString, int inLevel)
virtual void logString (char *inLoggerName, char *inString, int inLevel)
void makeBackup ()
virtual void setLoggingLevel (int inLevel)

Static Public Attributes

static const int CRITICAL_ERROR_LEVEL = 1
static const int DEACTIVATE_LEVEL = 0
static const int DETAIL_LEVEL = 5
static const int ERROR_LEVEL = 2
static const int INFO_LEVEL = 4
static const int TRACE_LEVEL = 6
static const int WARNING_LEVEL = 3

Protected Member Functions

char * generateLogMessage (char *inLoggerName, char *inString, int inLevel)

Protected Attributes

FILE * mLogFile
char * mLogFileName
int mLoggingLevel
unsigned long mSecondsBetweenBackups
unsigned long mTimeOfLastBackup

Static Protected Attributes

static const char * mDefaultLogFileName = "default.log"
static const char * mDefaultLoggerName = "general"

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