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Image Class Reference

#include <Image.h>

Inheritance diagram for Image:

Serializable RGBAImage

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Detailed Description

A multi-channel, double-valued image.

Is Serializable. Note that a serialized image doesn't have a selection.

Jason Rohrer

Definition at line 58 of file Image.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clearSelection ()
Imagecopy ()
virtual double * copyChannel (int inChannel)
virtual int deserialize (InputStream *inInputStream)
virtual void filter (ChannelFilter *inFilter)
virtual void filter (ChannelFilter *inFilter, int inChannel)
virtual double * getChannel (int inChannel)
virtual double * getChannelSelection (int inChannel)
virtual long getHeight ()
virtual long getNumChannels ()
virtual ImagegetSelection ()
virtual long getWidth ()
 Image (int inWidth, int inHeight, int inNumChannels, char inStartPixelsAtZero=true)
virtual void paste (Image *inImage)
virtual void pasteChannel (double *inChannelData, int inChannel)
virtual int serialize (OutputStream *inOutputStream)
virtual void setSelection (Image *inSelection)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void pasteChannel (double *inChannelData, double *inMask, int inChannel)

Protected Attributes

double ** mChannels
long mHigh
long mNumChannels
long mNumPixels
long mWide

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