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LandscapePrimitive3D Class Reference

#include <LandscapePrimitive3D.h>

Inheritance diagram for LandscapePrimitive3D:

Primitive3D Serializable

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Primitive 3D lanscape object.

Made from a height map. Mesh generated spans both x and z between -1 and 1, and can vary in height (y) from 0 to 1.

Jason Rohrer

Definition at line 36 of file LandscapePrimitive3D.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual Primitive3Dcopy ()
virtual int deserialize (InputStream *inInputStream)
virtual Primitive3DgetNewInstance ()
virtual int getNumAnimations ()
virtual int getNumParameters ()
virtual double getParameter (int inParameterIndex)
char isBackVisible ()
char isTransparent ()
 LandscapePrimitive3D (int inWide, int inHigh, double *inHeights, RGBAImage *inTexture, RGBAImage *inDetailTexture=NULL, double inDetailScale=1.0)
virtual int serialize (OutputStream *inOutputStream)
void setBackVisible (char inIsVisible)
virtual void setParameter (int inParameterIndex, double inValue)
void setTransparent (char inTransparent)
virtual void startAnimation (int inAnimationIndex)
virtual void step (double inStepSize)
virtual void stopAnimation (int inAnimationIndex)

Public Attributes

double ** mAnchorX
double ** mAnchorY
long mHigh
char mMembersAllocated
Vector3D ** mNormals
long mNumTextures
long mNumVertices
RGBAImage ** mTexture
Vector3D ** mVertices
long mWide

Protected Member Functions

void generateNormals ()

Protected Attributes

char mBackVisible
char mTransparent

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