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Path Class Reference

#include <Path.h>

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Detailed Description

Platform-independent file path interface. Contains all of path except for file name. Thus, appending a file name to the path will produce a complete file path.

E.g., on Linux, file path: temp/files/ file name: test.txt full path: temp/files/test.txt

Jason Rohrer

Definition at line 87 of file Path.h.

Public Member Functions

Pathappend (char *inStepString)
Pathcopy ()
char * getLastStep ()
char * getPathString (int *outLength)
char * getPathStringTerminated ()
 Path (char *inPathString)
 Path (char **inPathSteps, int inNumSteps, char inAbsolute, char *inRootString=NULL)
Pathtruncate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static char * extractRoot (char *inPathString)
static char * getAbsoluteRoot (int *outLength)
static char * getAbsoluteRootString ()
static char getDelimeter ()
static char isAbsolute (char *inPathString)
static char isRoot (char *inPathString)

Private Attributes

char mAbsolute
int mNumSteps
char ** mPathSteps
char * mRootString
int * mStepLength

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