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PipedStream Class Reference

#include <PipedStream.h>

Inheritance diagram for PipedStream:

InputStream OutputStream Stream Stream

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Detailed Description

An input/output stream that can server as a pipe between two components that read from and write to streams.

Buffered internally to prevent blocking, so is compatible with non-threaded components. Note, however, that ever buffer written to the stream is copied internally, so max memory usage is doubled.


Jason Rohrer

Definition at line 38 of file PipedStream.h.

Public Member Functions

char * getLastError ()
char * getLastError ()
 PipedStream ()
long read (unsigned char *inBuffer, long inNumBytes)
long readByte (unsigned char *outByte)
long readDouble (double *outDouble)
long readLong (long *outLong)
long readShort (short *outShort)
long write (unsigned char *inBuffer, long inNumBytes)
long writeDouble (double inDouble)
long writeLong (long inLong)
long writeShort (short inShort)
long writeString (char *inString)
 ~PipedStream ()

Protected Member Functions

void setNewLastError (char *inString)
void setNewLastError (char *inString)
void setNewLastErrorConst (const char *inString)
void setNewLastErrorConst (const char *inString)

Protected Attributes

SimpleVector< unsigned char * > * mBuffers
SimpleVector< long > * mBufferSizes
long mCurrentBufferIndex

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